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I moved over from Marie Claire with Joanna Coles who will forever be one of the best bosses/mentors I could ask for. Also lots of sex talk.
  1. One of my favorite things was when someone new would start on the Hearst Digital SEO or analytics teams and join their first Cosmo meeting to discuss how we ranked for "anal" "blow jobs" and the like
  2. Our first Miley cover (actually it was multiple covers) was so baller. I loved it. We had a whole social plan set up for the reveal with Miley but the Smilers got a hold of it online and we had to go out quickly. I pushed it live from the TriBeCa SoulCycle on a Saturday morning and it took on the most amazing viral life of its own.
  3. I got to spend a day with Sheryl Sandberg and it was everything I hoped it would be.
  4. Every one of my staff meetings was an HR nightmare as was my Google search history...but it was all legit work! I really learned some terms though. Like whoa.
  5. I also spent a morning with Miley and Joanna at NYFW and realized how fucking insane the paps really are. Holy shit. Also I had a broken hand at the time which made me feel like a tough.
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  6. We could get away with so much on social. God it was fun.