Stars Hollow is coming back. What's Paris doing? How's Marty? I know you all have thoughts. GO!
  1. Luke and Lorelai are not together and maybe Christopher finally got it together?!?
    Unpopular I know...but I was never sold on L&L coupledom. I love Christopher. Is this why I'm still single?
  2. Gigi has become a vapid YT/IG/Vine celebrity
    Because, of course she has. She thinks Rory's "reporting" is so pointless.
  3. Did Rory meet Amber in Berkeley causing some sort of stoned convo about how their moms look exactly alike?
  4. Rory finally finds a boyfriend who isn't a total dipshit
    Just like how you were never sold on L&L, I was never sold on ANY of Rory's suitors. Even Jess.
    Suggested by   @RachelP
  5. Kirk has finally chosen a singular career path.
    I'm racking my brain trying to decide what it could be since he's already worked every job imaginable. But it's something. And it's something that's going to make me laugh.
    Suggested by   @val_ker
  6. Paris and Doyle have kids and it's hilarious
    So Paris and Doyle have like four+ kids and they are the opposite of Paris: totally chill, procrastinators, love exploring/trying new things, and well-liked by all. The parenting disagreements and discussions lead to comical tiffs between Paris and Doyle.
    Suggested by   @kate81
  7. Mr. Kim comes to Stars Hollow to rekindle his relationship with Lane.
    Opening Mrs.Kim's eyes to the possibility of love along the way.
    Suggested by   @daniellestein