It's my second Mother's Day without her. Big hugs to all of you without your moms this weekend too. Feel free to add on about your own ❤️
  1. Reread this piece by Kate Spencer many more times:
    It was just what I needed this week to help flip my perspective.
  2. Remember this part especially: Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be just about the living. And it doesn’t have to be about the dead, either. It can be about honoring YOU, because you are one of the best things she ever did
  3. Drop a few F-bombs because she really fucking loved that word
  4. Cry because it sucks that she's not here and she would feel the same way...and want me to let it out, and then pick up and do something productive just like she would have.
  5. Call my sister and brother and dad and laugh and cry and feel really proud of how strong our family is and know that she is too.
  6. Enjoy what great moms my sister and sister-in-law are knowing the part she played in that.
  7. Get some hugs from my friend Carrie's mom who last year decreed that I would always spend the day on Long Island with her and her family.
  8. Not care about my crazy nutritionist diet plan because she would think I look perfect just as I am.
  9. Listen to some Steely Dan and Zac Brown Band and dance around my apt like we used to at parents' house after many many drinks
  10. Have a really strong vodka gimlet (her drink of choice)
  11. Like every day, be really fucking grateful she was my mom because she was the best.