Closing in on 40 in October...shit is getting real.
  1. Six of one, half dozen the other
    I actually first said this years ago and realized I WAS my mom. Now that she's gone, I'm cooler with it. But still old.
  2. So what do you know about the '90s?
    To my interns while talking to them about the evolution of content and magazines/publishing/digital. One of them was born in '96 and I almost wept.
  3. I don't want to know how old you were when "Titanic" came out.
    This comes up surprisingly often.
  4. So when I was in college we didn't have cell phones...or digital cameras.
    Old, but really happy about this.
  5. How early is too early to complain to my doorman about the party on my floor?
  6. One of my friends from home has a kid starting high school this fall. What in the ever loving f*ck?
  7. I am quite literally in the middle of aging.
  8. Jesus I have a lot of doctors' appointments.