As I sit delayed in the airport
  1. Even the Ubers smell like really good weed
  2. My best friends from growing up and I flew in to surprise another of our group for her 39th birthday. Her husband started organizing it 6 months ago. Nothing could have made this a bad time but Denver is legit a great town. I so get it...and not just because of the really good weed.
  3. I discovered some fantastic boutiques that I wasn't really expecting
    One of the caveats for the birthday girl was that we, her oldest friends, make her spend money on herself. He left us a wad of cash and sent us on our way. It was fabulous and I especially loved A Line and Max. Super chic, well edited stores with impeccable service.
  4. Dinner at Root Down was awesome
    I think we ordered everything on the menu to share and aside from the lamb sliders which were too spicy for me I loved every dish.
  5. Old friends are the GD best.
    I've been friends with this crew since the 6th grade and we are still together laughing our asses off closing in on 30 years later. I'm never more myself than when I'm with them. They will have the stupidest convo in the world with me/not think it is stupid but also hold me up through the loss of my mom with unparalleled love and strength. And no, I'm not stoned right now!
  6. I thought it was always sunny here. What up with that rain on Thursday and Friday?
  7. Your airport is really nice. But the one in my hometown of Indy is still better.
    I may never leave here. Thanks lightning or whatever threw off LGA for the entire evening.
  8. I should come here more often.