So smart. So talented. So chic. Really this list could be endless.
  1. Today in the NY Times
  2. When she said this to the Times about finally watching Mad Men: "I was sick. Netflix existed."
  3. And this: "The show made me fall in love with characters, flawed ones, that have real voices."
  4. When Sally bonds with her dad.
  5. When Sally bonds with her mom over a cig.
  6. When she's just being a kid at an event.
  7. When she is my fashion inspiration like here.
  8. And here.
  9. When her brows are on fleek as the kids say (aka always)
  10. When she perfected the Sally Draper side eye. I can't wait to see it often in these final eps.
  11. When she sat behind me at Pine & Crane last week and her friends clearly wanted to get ice cream in Larchmont to be seen with her but she was like "guys let's just get some pints from Salt & Straw and go back to my house"
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