1. 321 Contact
    The Bloodhound Gang was my everything
  2. The NBC soaps
    Another World, Days of Our Lives, Santa Barbara
  3. Family Ties
    I could still cry over Alex and Ellen at that train station though am comforted by their seemingly wonderful real life marriage.
  4. The Cosby Show
    I'm really sad I can never watch these again.
  5. Cheers
    Me and bars go way back.
  6. Designing Women
    Nothing better than a Julia Sugarbaker rant!
  7. Growing Pains
    I once saw Alan Thicke at a movie theater in Indianapolis back in the day. He was with Kristy Swanson who he was dating at the time. This was a huge moment in my young life.
  8. The Wonder Years
    Oh how I longed to be Winnie Cooper...
  9. Dallas
    Every Friday night with my mom and her best friend while they drank white wine spritzers. Pam and Bobby were my couple.
  10. Thirtysomething
    Ken Olin still does it for me, esp because he directed a lot of eps of Alias
  11. The Rockford Files
    My mom was obsessed.
  12. Magnum PI
    Mom loved Tom. Dad loved his car.
  13. Moonlighting
    Almost forgot about this gem and the great Agnes DiPesto
  14. Life Goes On
    Thank you to @hillarykerr for reminding me how much my fam loved watching the Thatchers.