1. EMPIRE. Cookie is my new spirit animal followed closely by her assistant Porsha.
  2. The Fall. Jamie Dornan as the sexiest serial killer ever (not a spoiler) and Gillian Anderson's resplendent hair.
  3. Walking Dead. Binged 5 1/2 seasons in like 3 weeks & now believe I would be sneaky awesome in a zombie apocalypse.
  4. You're The Worst. ICYMI when season 1 aired. It's brilliant.
  5. The Mindy Project. Obvs.
  6. Togetherness. Amanda Peet finally getting something awesome to do again.
  7. The Jinx. Murder shows rule. I fall asleep to them.
  8. Vanderpump Rules. I love these hot messes SO much.
  9. Hindsight
    A delightful trip back to the 90s!