1. It won't last too awfully long.
    And that's a good thing
  2. She will have a super hot, successful partner by her side through it all.
    I'm a Colts die-hard. It hurts me to say nice things about T. Brady. But it's true.
  3. People in her industry will have SERIOUS (possibly friendship ending) arguments about whether or not she is the GOAT.
  4. Her return will be welcomed with open arms and nostalgia for what once was.
  5. There will be a lot of beautiful and famous people present during said return to the stage/catwalk.
  6. I will read every story about it.
  7. I will know I should have requested this list from @rakeshsatyal instead of being mad that mine isn't really all that great 😉
  8. I'll have Reasonable Doubt that it'll last forever.
    Suggested by @rakeshsatyal