AKA an earnest post I wouldn't make on any platform other than ListApp. High highs and low lows yo.
  1. One of my best friends lost her father and I hate seeing my friends in pain
  2. It was the first funeral I've been to since my mom's last year so needless to say that brought up some stuff
  3. Man I really miss my mom
  4. Screaming at a TV for two hours while watching your alma mater win a national championship is VERY therapeutic. I'm still elated...GO DUKE!
  5. I'm currently sitting in the waiting room at Memorial Sloan Kettering for my yearly check in with the surgeon who removed my melanoma and I just feel so lucky to be healthy. So many in this room right now are in the middle of a battle for their lives. ALSO GET YOUR MOLES CHECKED!!!
  6. In 48 hours I'll be in LA drinking wine with my sister and playing with my sweet nephews 😊😊😊😊😊
  7. I dropped my phone this morning and my screen shattered. Good times.