Alternatively titled; Saturday Night Live Characters and Dogs
  1. These posters that are everywhere for Documentary! Now with Fred Armisen and Bill Hader. They are killing me slowly every day.
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  2. Mike Meyers as his Scottish dad in So I Married and Axe Murderer. Literally everything he says. Really, all Mike Meyers characters. That's a sublist waiting to happen.
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  3. The song "Hey Fatboy" by Maxamillion
  4. The chubby bubbles and Prince Charles meme
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  5. Good Friends Cereal
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  6. Dogs chasing their tails for 2 minutes or more
  7. Bad lip readings, Al Sharpton vs the Teleprompter and Drunk History (Similar themes, all hilarious)
  8. Best in Show
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  9. The Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy video for "Whatzupwitu". If you haven't seen it get on YT ASAP and improve your entire day.
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  10. Wild-eyed snaggle-toothed pups
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  11. Dog Show on SNL with Molly Shannon, Will Ferrell, Mr Bonjangles and Rocky Balboa
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  12. Guy Fieri staring longingly at the fries
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  13. When @rubbingvalcohol does his regal old Englishman voice. I can't take it.
  14. Kristen Wiig as Target Lady
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  15. Garth 💕
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