The hardest part of editing a manuscript is turning my inscrutable but clearly genius notes into understandable prose that doesn't make my author want to kill me.
  1. Installing Periscope on my phone.
  2. Checking to see how many people have liked the Instagram photo of my dinner.
  3. Wondering if the fact that my Instagram photo was blurry means I need my eyes checked, or if I'm just a shitty photographer.
  4. Watching a new Key & Peele ep because they are a precious commodity now.
  5. Spending "quality time" with husband (which in this case means telling him how I have to write a revision letter while he tries to watch King Kong for the 37th time).
  6. Debating increasing font size on my iPhone (it IS my eyes!) but persuaded not to by vanity.
  7. Getting a seltzer because it's important to stay hydrated.
  8. Getting a mini coffee cake because it's important to eat cake.
  9. Seeing that it's 11:45, determine to put in 15 good minutes before @midnight.
  10. Giving up and emailing it to my office to finish on the morning.