When you find yourself in Burlingame with only an hour before you have to return the rental car, almost anything can be a tourist attraction...
  1. The first Pez were made in Austria and looked like cigarette lighters.
  2. The bride and groom set is one of the rarest--only 5 still in existence.
  3. There have been...a LOT of Pez dispensers.
  4. The name comes from an abbreviation for peppermint in German.
  5. The curator's favorite dispenser is the astronaut.
  6. The Pez Museum shares space with the Classic Toy and Bad Toy Museums (how could we not visit?). Here are a set of Clackers, which would shatter if you banged them together too hard.
  7. The original Mr. Potato Head used an actual potato, and he had friends made of other vegetables.
  8. There is a Darth Vader potato head. Yes, he's called Darth Tater.
  9. The deadliest toy in the museum (with the possible exception of lawn darts) is this chemistry set. Learn about atomic energy with REAL radioactive samples!
  10. The entire museum (including guided tour) can be enjoyed in 35 minutes. Plan your trip today!