1. 2 broke girls
    I have a high tolerance level, but this show is just offensive, stupid, mean, ugly and vulgar. Nothing to save in this awful mess.
  2. Empire
    I had so much love for it, I loved the over the top aspect, but it's becoming really painful to watch. Fully taking the soap opera route doesn't mean you have to be lame about it. Still love me some Cookie though.
  3. True detective
    Oh how the mighty have fallen...embarassingly awful second season.
  4. Modern family
    From time to time, an episode will still bring a few great laughs, but the magic's gone.
  5. The big bang theory
    I'm amazed this is still on.
  6. Grey's anatomy
    Come on, Shonda! After all that happened there, why, WHY do these people stay in Seattle ??!