Woody Allen Movies I've Seen, Ranked According to My Own Personal Taste

  1. 1. Hannah and her sisters
    The ultimate Woody Allen movie, and one of my all-time personal favorites. A perfect movie, and one of the most beautiful endings ever filmed.
  2. 2. Annie Hall
    A milestone in modern comedy. A small revolution. Also, Diane Keaton.
  3. 3. The purple rose of Cairo
    The fantasy of many movies aficionados. Literally a dream come true.
  4. 4. Manhattan murder mystery
    Amateur sleuths, but real intrigue. It's smart, hilarious and pays a gorgeous tongue-in-cheek homage to film noir.
  5. 5. Match Point
    Woody's back! A perfect, incredibly intelligent thriller. An admirable film, on so many levels.
  6. 6. Bullets over Broadway
  7. 7. Husbands and wives
  8. 8. Manhattan
  9. 9. Vicky Cristina Barcelona
  10. 10. Midnight in Paris
  11. 11. Everyone says I love you
    Pure fun, pure joy. Better than Prozac. Also, Goldie.
  12. 12. Small time crooks
  13. 13. Irrational man
  14. 14. Love and war
  15. 15. Blue jasmine
  16. 16. Alice
  17. 17. A midsummer night's sex comedy
  18. 18. Melinda and Melinda
  19. 19. Love and death
  20. 20. Scoop
  21. 21. Zelig
    Absolutely brilliant, technically perfect. Could be way higher on my list, but I'm not ranking Woody's best movies, just my personal favorites.
  22. 22. The curse of the jade scorpion
  23. 22. Mighty Aphrodite
  24. 23. Magic in the moonlight
    Sweet, cute and elegant. But I'm not sure I'm rooting for Emma Stone as Woody's new muse. Used to love her, not so much anymore.
  25. 24. You will meet a tall dark stranger
  26. 25. Shadows and fog
  27. 26. Crimes and misdemeanors
    I know a lot of people think it's Woody's best, and I like it, but I don't understand what all the fuss is about.
  28. 27. Cassandra's dream
  29. 28. Deconstructing Harry
  30. 29. Sweet and lowdown
  31. 30. Celebrity
  32. 31. Whatever works
  33. 32. Hollywood ending
  34. 33. Anything else
  35. 34. To Rome with love
    The only one I find embarassingly bad. I sort of hate it. Makes me want to slap Roberto Benigni's face.