Thoughts That Go Through My Head When I'm Trying to Get to Sleep at Night but Cannot 💬

Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Oh look the moon! Is that a full or almost a full moon? What is an almost full moon called? Let me look that up. Reaches for phone.
  2. How long does it take to enter REM sleep? Hmm...let me look that up too. Reaches for phone.
  3. Looks at clock. If I fall asleep right now, I'll still have an adequate amount of time to be well rested.
  4. Closes eyes. How long does the average snail live. Hmm...let me look that up. Reaches for phone.
  5. If I read some of my book, that'll help! Reaches for Stephen King novel.
  6. Bad idea, now I really can't sleep!
  7. I wonder if Stephen King sleeps soundly at night? Let me look that up! Reaches for phone.
  8. Scratch scamper scratch. *sounds of Penelope my nocturnal hedgehog up and about*. Hmm, this would be a good time to bond with Penelope. Gets up.
  9. An hour later. That was fun. If only I were nocturnal, I wouldn't be having this issue right now.
  10. Looks around room. Hmm, it's about time to refurnish my mantelpiece. Not tonight...not tonight! Damnit.
  11. Oh, my cactus is dry. Should I water it now? No no no, wait till morning. Yesss, wait till morning. (Gollum accent emerges). Yesss, precious precious morning. (Vigorously rubs hands together)
  12. Did I drink enough water today? My mouth feels parched. Dr. OZ said to pinch your skin, if it doesn't bounce back immediately, you are dehydrated. Oh, I don't think that bounced back fast enough!!!
  13. Walks downstairs to fetch some water. Trips over the cat. Cat laughs because my night vision isn't as good as hers.
  14. Opens fridge door, sees carrots in crisper. Those should be good for night vision. Watermelon too right? I should look that up.
  15. Stumbles back upstairs, drinks water. Reaches for phone.
  16. Opens The List App. Let's write a list!
  17. Falls asleep.