I've managed to make a living as a writer for the last seven years. I've written cover stories about Kobe Bryant and written copy about sweatshirts. Here is what you need to know.
  1. Writing is rewriting
  2. Writing IS rewr
  3. Rewri
  4. Passion projects are rewarding, but money is a reward.
  5. Practice can get you to Carnegie Hall, but it won't pay your rent.
  6. Everyone learns how to write in school.
  7. If you work in digital, take screenshots of your work. Portals rebrand and go belly up. Your work WILL get erased.
  8. If you're doing it right, your daily routine can feel like you're doing time in prison. Read. Write. Exercise. Repeat.
  9. A hot shower cures all.
  10. Research is important, but distracting.
  11. Proper transcription skills separates the good from the great.
  12. Fewer words, greater skill.
  13. Editors can feel like the enemy, but they mean well.
  14. "Why this, why now" when pitching an idea.
  15. Think of the "five word headline" and that will tell you if you're onto something that will draw traffic.
  16. Yes, Facebook "likes" matter.
  17. Writing is...