Everyone loves 'Game of Thrones.' The real problem is that everyone 'knows' who the characters are, and what their motivations/claims to the Iron Throne are, but it's hard to remember their actual names. I asked my Dad how he keeps it all straight. . He has a good technique. Please help with more suggestions for additional characters.
  1. Jon Snow
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    Easiest one to remember. If you forget that, you can't remember your ATM code
  2. Robb Stark
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    Stubbly Prince.
  3. Tyrion Lannister
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    The Imp.
  4. King Joffrey
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    Alabaster douchebag.
  5. Jaime Lannister
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    The Stranger. "Why the stranger, Dad?" Because if you sit on your hand and masturbate, it feels like it's not there.
  6. Cersei Lannister
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    Mean Queen
  7. Arya Stark
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    Little Beatle.
  8. Daenerys Targaryen
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  9. Sir Jorah Mormont
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    Dragon groupie.
  10. Petyr Baelish
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    Mayor Carcetti from 'The Wire'
  11. Stannis Baratheon
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    He's the guy who has a claim but is too busy banging the fire woman.
  12. Sandor Clegane
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    The Hound
  13. Samwell Tarly
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    Scared Beardy
  14. Theon Greyjoy
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    Reek the Neutered Dog.
  15. Varys
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  16. Brienne of Tarth
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    Big Tinkerbell
  17. Bronn
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    Hired gun for the Imp
  18. Bran Stark
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    Crippled boy
  19. Hodor
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  20. Melisandre
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    Fire woman
  21. Margaery Tyrell
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    Half smile
  22. Gilly
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    Wildling mother and lover of Beardy
  23. Jaqen H'ghar
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    Two face.
  24. Ramsay Bolton
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    Dick cutter
  25. Grey Worm
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    Unsullied Khaleesi lover
  26. Daario Naharis
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    Khaleesi lover with a dick.
  27. Sansa Stark
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    Ginger Stark