1. Minions
    I would destroy everyone to prove my superiority so that kevin, bob, and stuart followed me around.
  2. Wreck it Ralph
    Being able to jump around from game to game and win gold medals? Seems pretty sweet.
  3. Finding Nemo
    Not only would I find Nemo, but i'd find poor Bruce the great white's father. And i'd kill to do the "fin-noggin" handshake with crush.
  4. Incredibles
    Having super powers and being incredible with your incredible family seems pretty incredible.
  5. Shark Tale
    Honestly, have you seen that bachelor pad Oscar had when he was on top of the reef? Baller AF
  6. Up
    Besides being stuck with a grumpy old man, it'd be unreal to take a nice trip to paradise falls on a flying house. So scenic. Plus having doug and kevin as a companion is a dynamic duo.
  7. Toy Story
    I'd do some dirty things to Bo Peep
  8. How to Train a Dragon
    Toothless is the best pet you could possibly ask for. Regardless if you lost a leg or not.