Where are the once beloved athletes today?
  1. Pablo Sanchez
    Ever since being inducted to Backyard Baseball HOF, Pablo is now one of Mexico's main drug lords. Pablo, known for his power and speed, has been accused of assisting "El Chapo's" escape.
  2. Kenny Kawaguchi
    After his years of Backyard Baseball, Kenny decided to take his talents to the next level and join the paralympics. The K-Man is feared by his opponents for his furious fastball and wheelchair speed.
  3. Ernie Steele
    The 5'6 10 year old had everyone thinking he was going to be big time. After years of playing in the minors Ernie became addicted to cocaine and absinth causing him to retire from the game and enter rehab. His fight to stay sober continues, but he still sees the green fairy every now and then.
  4. Sally and Ronny Dobbs
    Much like Cersei and Jamie Lannister, they fell in love with each other and went to Alabama to get hitched. Their last sighting was during Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.
  5. Achmed and Amir Khan
    After their playing days the two brothers went to Northbrook, IL where they would stay with long time relative Zara Khan.
  6. Ashley and Sidney Webber
    Much like the Olsen twins, this hot dynamic duo were childhood stars. Unfortunately, like many other childhood celebs, they dramatically fell of the face of Backyard Baseball earth. After years of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll the girls are now trying to stay relevant to their family and friends.
  7. Dmitri Petrovich
    You know that guy from those CDW commercials with Charles Barkley? Well, he's the unfortunate looking ginger.