How "Hamilton" Has Changed the Face of History for High Schoolers

Sure, it's changed the face of history for EVERYONE with its soundtrack which is almost entirely composed of music branching from the typically anti-Broadway rap genre, but it's done something for high schoolers, too.
  1. History is COOL now!
    When trying to appeal a boring topic to anyone, the ability for them to relate to it is key. That is, largely, how teens base their opinions on anything from what Twitter accounts to follow to presidential candidates. Incorporating a modern genre with what most of us consider to be an ancient era is first and foremost the thing that skyrocketed Hamilton's popularity.
  2. A non-white cast!
    There is a social justice warrior in all of us, especially if Tumblr has anything to say about it. Not only does Hamilton give astounding opportunities to actors and actresses who would otherwise be overlooked, but it makes us white teens feel like we're doing the right thing by enjoying the show so much. Look, I'm listening to Hamilton! I couldn't possibly be racist!
  3. Girl power!
    As a cishet, Lin-Manuel is certainly doing a good job of creating three-dimensional female characters (and Peggy!) whose actions are not just driven by the need for male companionship, especially when considering the conventions of the time period in which this takes place. Eliza, especially, has an incredible arc from "Burn" to "It's Quiet Uptown". Her husband cheated, and Lin made it clear that her forgiveness was hard-earned and IMPORTANT.
    Come on. I had to. Puberty's hitting hard, and our sex drives are off the wall. I mean, with people in the cast like...
  5. This
  6. And this
  7. THIS
  8. Not to mention THIS
  9. Here I thought Kennedy and Lincoln were the only good-looking presidents.
  10. In conclusion:
  11. Thomas Jefferson has never been so fuckable.