(I didn't know you could only go to 99!!! I found out mid-bit. I am ashamed. But let's finish the damn thing!)
  1. Whether it's "God this is dumb"
  2. Or "The pink really pops"
  3. Or "Maybe should not have dressed in some kind of long sleeve all back jumper?"
  4. I can at least say that I'll always learn something
  5. So my first 133 lists are filed away
  6. A museum of dumb things and nice things
  7. I just deleted an insane tangent where I tried to jokingly defend calling my old lists "art"
  8. But even the joke was pretentious
  9. How do I wrap up?
  10. Facts about me you may not know?
  11. My first crush was named Katie Maxson
  12. She was my girlfriend
  13. I whispered a joke to her in 2nd grade only to find her eardrum had ruptured
  14. I have been to Cooperstown, NY 50 times
  15. I had a piece of Chevy Chase's Christmas Toilet Paper featuring Santas in my childhood bedroom
  16. Think I still have it?
  17. I was told it came from my dad's friend at work
  18. And I never questioned how he got it?
  19. My dad's company isn't a celebrity bathroom renovation service
  20. Either way, put it right next to the Game Used Gatorade Cup I once retrieved from a Phillies game
  21. My mom tossed the cup away and I cried
  22. Cried!
  23. I was the dumbest idiot
  24. But I'm prideful for digital media
  25. Things in the Internet era are rarely rossed
  26. Some of my lists are dumb dirty cups
  27. They're in my profile
  28. I miss that cup
  29. Thank you all
  30. Sincerely
  31. For being legendarily creative
  32. And for counting me as one of your own
  33. Hope to create with you all in person or via the web
  34. Bring me my dirty cup back, God