Wow! What a year. An amazing year it's been.
  1. Best CD
    The circular silver kind
  2. Best Avocado
    Fresh ones
  3. Best Barn Party
    Skyler Thompkins'
  4. Best Owl Aspect
    The Head Swivel (Second Place, Hooting)
  5. Best Car
    Any one w/ a hottie under the hood
  6. Most OK Noodle
  7. Best Noodle
    Any Sauce
  8. Best Bad Alcohol
  9. Best Rash
    Eczema. Second place, No Rash.
  10. Best Windshield Accessory
  11. Best New Celebrity
    Adam Driver
  12. Worst New Celebrity
  13. Best "Chipmunks" Sequel
  14. Worst Awards Show Host (11 years running)
    Dick Cheney
  15. Best Pen
  16. Best Penn
  17. Worst Penn
    Jillette (sorry, sir, you are still a good Penn)
  18. Oldest Gravy
    This Tupperware I'm about to dig into!
  19. Worst Holiday
    Flu Season
  20. Best Scar
    Forehead Scar
  21. Best Place To Find Clothes On The Floor
  22. Best Group To Be In
    Group A
  23. Best Caution Tape
    Caution Tape At A Halloween Party
  24. Best Couple
    Blake And Gwen!!
  25. Worst Border Fence
    Blake And Gwen!!!!
  26. Best Weinrib
    Still my dad :/