There are a lotta good ones but these are the best ones
  1. Do Ya Right Ft. Ashanti
  2. Do Ya Wrong Ft. Blashanti
  3. Guy Or Girl (I'm Still Gonna Pork Ya) Ft. Ashanti
  4. AssDroPhysics (I Know Too Many Equations) Ft. Ashanti
  5. Who's Cousin Is This? Ft. Ashanti
  6. So Many Girls So Little Thai Ft. Ashanti
  7. Where My Remote (Lost My Remote Remix) Ft. Ashanti
  8. Gary This Your Cousin? Ft. Ashanti, Gary's Cousin
  9. Hello I'm At The Empire State Building (Where's Chili's) Ft. Ashanti
  10. Rude, I Don't Only Feature Ashanti Ft. Ashanti
  11. Angels In America (I Accidentally Recorded My TV And No Vocals) Ft. Al Pacino
  12. Quiet Song For The Quiet Club (Anyone Wanna Invest In The Quiet Club) Ft. Ashanti
  13. I've Been Hacked!!! (I Like Doody) Ft. Ne Yo
  14. Hustling Hard (The Railroad Song) Ft. Ashanti
  15. My Way (Frank Sinatra Reimagining) Ft. 500 airhorns