1. The hour-long train ride is entirely snow vistas. No parts of the suburbs aren't snow vistas.
  2. Saving enough time to walk to your train so that the unplowed paths don't obstruct you, and you can just glide on puffs.
  3. When your iPhone is so cold that its pixels lag and turn into visible trails
  4. Maybe missing a Tuesday of work because you live 55 miles from work
  5. Spending the Monday after the Super Bowl in an icy New England but the evening in my home where everyone likes Odell Beckham or D'Brickashaw Ferguson
  6. It's really easy to tumble down a flight of subway stairs sprinting to catch the L
    Oh wait that is the worst part but at least I didn't do that. Oh wait I did!
  7. Looking up to the streetlights, watching the sky visibly whisper, and forgetting about my massive thigh bruise for a minute.