True, the city has cleaned up a lot since the '80s, but there are still some neighborhoods that are dangerous, so watch out!
  1. The Dangerous Cave
    Don't get me wrong, Mayor Giuliani did a lot to clean up the streets, but even 20 years later, my friends and I still avoid the Dangerous Cave late at night
  2. The Dangerous Pool
    I'm a big guy and I can really go out most places and not feel threatened, but I still don't really feel like I belong at the Dangerous Pool. And what's the gurgling? True NYC residents know to avoid this.
  3. The Dangerous Ark
    Usually tourists will ask you if its OK to stay in NYC for cheap near the Dangerous Ark. I know it's tempting but the answer is no!
  4. Fang's Bordello
    An 18th-century-inspired opium den in the heart of the Downtown Danger District. I wouldn't!
  5. The Beautiful Castle
    Don't let the name fool you-- it's the only place in New York you can still get beheaded!
  6. The Dangerous Quicksand
    Anything below Avenue B is quicksand
  7. The Mayor's House
    It is dangerous to bother the Mayor! It is his city and if you bother him I frankly think you're stupid-- it's a chance you don't have to take, especially if you are just visiting. He works hard! It's not fair to disturb his day-to-day. He's just trying to make the city safe.
  8. SoHo
    Dangerously fun on weekends!