@nantea has blessed me by ranking these sports 1-4. Then, I did the same for her and she will be filling those in. These are the results.
  1. Basketball
    Kind of a curveball, because she had just told me she "doesn't get the NBA." But there it is, top of her list. She "friggin love(s)" Steph Curry, as all discerning fans do. She has also deemed it the "most graceful", which I think it is, except for Chris Kaman.
  2. Hockey
    "Because violence". That's it. OK, Anna.
  3. Baseball
    Perfect assessment. She loves the atmosphere ("v Angels In The Outfield"), but she says as soon as she eats a hot dog and watches the Kiss Cam, she wants to peace out due to boredom. I vow to fix this, because this part of her assessment has room for growth and I know she has it in her.
  4. Football
    Only cares about beating her sister in a college rivalry game. Good to have few feelings about football since it will be banned by President Biden in 10 years.
  5. Me? I've got BASEBALL NÚMERO UNO FOREVER. Born Yankee fan and your boos only make my heart swell.
  6. Basketball is beautiful, and perfect for the Vine era.
  7. Hockey and Football
  8. Are a flip-flopping 3/4
  9. And will continue to flip and flop forever.
  10. @Adam should know that I have never seen a League of Their Own. But I love Sandlot.
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    I am already worried that I'm going to keep a stat book.
    Suggested by @nantea
  11. He got so JAZZED. I knew he was very different than me.
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    I loved the Braves at 16 bc I loved Jeff Francoeur. That was it.
    Suggested by @nantea
  12. I did meet him at the Local sports store.
    I refused to wear Braves gear because I needed to impress the man I loved with my style. Lindsey, one of my high school best friends, thought that was crazy. She's next to me. In all her gear.
    Suggested by @nantea
  13. My engagement photo with my already married husband #casualfeelings
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    Suggested by @nantea
  14. Steph Curry stays number 1. But baseball is maybe 2️⃣❤️⚾2️⃣
    Suggested by @nantea
  15. 1) Football, more specifically (a) College-Go Dawgs!; (b) High school; (c) Professional; (2) Basketball; (3) Baseball; (4) Hockey (love the violence, but have seen like 4 games, including games in the Mighty Ducks movies)
    I accept that football may not survive Uncle Joe's presidency, and for good reason. But I still love it.
    Suggested by @bware427