I love the shit outta all these movie tropes
  1. When technology gets hacked by a "computer virus" and the virus is something crazy like a giant laughing head that chomps all the programs on the desktop
  2. When everyone at the deli knows everything about the Lonely Guy and gives him life advice
  3. When everyone's at an amazing pool and there's also a gross fat dude there
  4. When everyone at a club is standing very far away from each other and dancing like they're at a corporate retreat for Colgate Toothpaste
  5. When the Leading Comedic Man cuts himself shaving
  6. The Weird Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins
  7. When the main romantic character is getting fed sentences through an earpiece
  8. Hungover vomiting on a plane/train/at a hotel
  9. Anything that happens in offices
    Office interactions are the biggest trope in the game! Everyone's coworkers could be swapped into any movie.
  10. When characters (being played by celebrities of course) talk about other Real Life Celebrities
    Special shoutout to the SNL move of having a celebrity playing up against an impression of themselves/a celebrity playing a normal person discussing themselves (I.e. Derek Jeter in drag on Derek Jeter: "He looks like if the Rock had sex with a Muppet."). My favorite feature of SNL! Even though duh i love all features of SNL.