1. As much as this hurts, she deserves it.
  2. Wow, guess I have to ACTUALLY move on now, instead of lying to myself about it.
  3. Wait...is that ME?
  4. That guy she's with looks exactly like me. That can't be me, can it?
  5. Oh my god, it is. She's with a clone of me.
  6. Where did she get that?
  7. Maybe it's not a clone? Maybe it's me from a parallel timeline?
  8. Can I talk to it or will that make it explode?
  9. Oh man, does she have any idea she broke up with me?
  10. This clone/version of me has an amazing perfect life and now mine is in shambles.
  11. Maybe I should move and change my name and give the clone the glory? Certainly seems like he's earned it.
  12. Ugh oh God they're coming over here. Check please!!
  13. Hey, Annabeth. How's life?
  14. Good, good. Nice to meet you, uh, I'm Adam.
  15. Oh, phew, it DID make him explode.
  16. Great. Now we can both move on.