As of 2015, it's safe to call some of these.
  1. Shrimps vs. Prawns
    Prawns have won. Sorry, shrimps! Prawns belong on classy menus, shrimps come in buckets of 100.
  2. Caviar vs. Roe
    Late comeback by Roe takes it! It's on all sushi. Caviar is what people assume rich folks steal out of whale blowholes.
  3. Fried vs. Panko-Encrusted
    Congrats to Panko-Encrusted! Fried is taboo but if you put random crust on a food in another way you're good?
  4. Ketchup vs. Catsup
    It's over for you, Catsup. Hoover's out of the White House. Wave the white flag.
  5. Chicken Tenders vs. Fingers vs. Fries
    Goodbye, fingers! Big wtf to you. Fries, the game hasn't even started yet and you've already lost.
  6. General Tso's vs. Sesame Chicken
    Chinese restaurants have gotten away with serving two identical dishes for too long.
  7. Allspice vs. Old Spice
    Different situation, but sorry, we can't have both of these.
  8. Arugula vs Rocket
    Suggested by @erichutchinson
  9. Seltzer vs. Soda water
    I'd order an 8$ artisanal soft drink at a hipster ice creme shoppe made with one of these. Guess which?
    Suggested by @evan