Great Potential Last Words

If you need 'em, save this puppy!
  1. Heaven Looks...Gray?
  2. It's Time to Play...The Feud!
  3. It's Time to Play...My Death!
  4. I'm cold. Someone hand me a hot bag.
  5. God is real...and SHE is PISSING!
  6. This time, I'm not kidding about the disease.
  7. Anyone else detecting a sexual undertone here?
  8. Well, you really did it this time, endocrine system.
  9. Find my songs.
  10. I only regret that I never waded that far into a cranberry bog.
    (Disregard if you have)
  11. And now, I? I have DIED! Now. Riiiiiight now. Now.
  12. Agh, don't love this!