If you need 'em, save this puppy!
  1. Heaven Looks...Gray?
  2. It's Time to Play...The Feud!
  3. It's Time to Play...My Death!
  4. I'm cold. Someone hand me a hot bag.
  5. God is real...and SHE is PISSING!
  6. This time, I'm not kidding about the disease.
  7. Anyone else detecting a sexual undertone here?
  8. Well, you really did it this time, endocrine system.
  9. Find my songs.
  10. I only regret that I never waded that far into a cranberry bog.
    (Disregard if you have)
  11. And now, I? I have DIED! Now. Riiiiiight now. Now.
  12. Agh, don't love this!