This will be a slightly misguided list because I don't like the Jets at all, but Namath's Super Bowl belongs somewhere. Also, sorry, no Islanders. So hard to quantify the importance of pre-1960.
  1. Aaron Boone
    Most heated rival, epic comeback, Game 7 Walkoff. Arguably anyone's single largest individual sports moment? I watched this on the floor of my living room holding a Kip Wells Bobblehead the entire time.
  2. The Helmet Catch
    Same basic explanation as Boonie but with football words
  3. All 4 2001 WS moments
    Tino, Mr. November, Brosius, and the Soriano Single
  4. Plax's SB TD Fade
    This one actually won the damn game. It's gotta be pretty high.
  5. The '69 Mets/Namath's Guarantee/Champion Knicks
    Tied. What a year in NYC, I guess. I would've been bummed about pretty boy Broadway Joe and would probably have been rooting for the Orioles
  6. Hideki Matsui and Alex Rodriguez, 2009 Playoffs
    What a release for two great guys!
  7. Wide Right/Buckner
    Both huge game changers, but both ultimately someone else's failure. Huge moments in luck.
  8. Manning-To-Manningham on the sidelines
    Underrated really damn important
  9. Reggie's 3 HR World Series Game
  10. George Steinbrenner calling Hideki Irabu a fat pussy toad
  11. The time El Duque threw his entire glove to first base to record an out
  12. Andy Pettitte wins Game 5, 1996 World Series 1-0
    My personal favorite game of all-time so I snuck it in here. I hear you haters! (3 haters max)
  13. Maris hits #61
    This probably fucking ruled.
    Suggested by @gabe