1. Looking back at your lady one final time before you blast off in a suicide space mission
  2. When you're recovering from surgery on your crying shoulder and your girl leans on your crying shoulder and it's still pretty sore
  3. An Edward Albee festival
  4. When you're time traveling to 1994 and want to get famous by crafting a hit song, so you wanna steal one that blew up a few years later
  5. A courtesy dance with your first wife at your second wedding to someone else
  6. A John McCain rally
  7. As part of a two-song "Songs That Include The Line 'We Belong Together' Playlist" after Mariah's "We Belong Together"
  8. If you ever want to kiss someone and then force credits to roll all over your bodies
  9. Clearing out a public Karaoke space
  10. Dirty Grinding