Do these things and you will be a big success
  1. Direct a joke to only one person
  2. Start a great bit that might work better in person, but aw heck, let's go for it now, the time is ripe
  3. Write, "You close?" to a previously inactive thread
  4. Start a group thread with, "It left teeth marks" and never come back to it
  5. Just send a number with a question mark. 6?
  6. Remove friends one by one until someone asks what's going on
  7. Include one teacher on every thread to keep your buds in line
  8. Ask your friends if they can come to your show or party but give a date from several years ago
  9. Ask out only one person in the thread
  10. Speak in only pixelated pictures of emojis you took
  11. Start gossiping about one friend and include their work number
  12. Shoot out a link to a When2Meet
  13. Voice Memos