1. Help
  2. I am writing this to you from a big ditch outside Coachella
  3. Yes, the music festival
  4. I was very excited for the fest. I made a shirt made of all streamers and pants made of all shirts.
  5. I had my tickets in my front pocket and I kept patting them during my nine-hour trip from one block away
  6. Then, just as I was approaching the front gates, the famous Welcome To Coachella gates, I fell in a big ditch
  7. It's huge and right outside the entrance, but it's pretty easy to see and avoid so it's just me in here
  8. It's not that I can't get out, it's just that I probably wont
  9. The Gravel is kicking in.
  10. No, that's not a drug. I ate Gravel and it's beginning to hurt my brain in a similar way to what drugs might do.
  11. I can hear Mavis Staples from inside the hole
  12. It's simply a cruel reminder that the time of my life is occurring just outside its walls
  13. If you are attending Coachella, please help me by bringing tacos to the ditch
  14. Happy Festival from the guy in the hole
  15. I'm out of Gravel