1. At the age of 6, I was already fairly sure Santa wasn't real, because it didn't make a ton of sense.
  2. He brought me a Troy Aikman jersey, and I'm from New York and didn't watch football. Just didn't add up that he was a real guy.
  3. I was, however, a child who was very invested in forensic evidence.
  4. Harriet The Spy was my favorite film.
  5. I kept a "journal" with the sole purpose of recording what went on outside my Brooklyn window, and the only thing in the journal was a detailed consideration of whether my neighbor was a vampire.
  6. The only evidence was that he was outside sometimes. Not a strong case.
  7. But, anyway, Santa. Predisposed not to believe. Got it.
  8. So, crazy as it may be, I woke up on Christmas morning 1997 at 5:00 AM and literally saw Santa and his reindeer flying off my roof up into the early morning sky.
  9. I looked out the window. I saw a sleigh lifting into the air, leaving a slight trail, and evaporating.
  10. I slept two more hours.
  11. I woke up to unwrap presents, and told my parents, "I saw Santa." They were unfazed.
  12. To this date, the most vivid vision I've ever had.
  13. You may say I'm a dreamer.
  14. I say, you're right.
  15. But I saw the Big Man himself delivering me a Dallas Cowboys jersey, and for that, I'm forever in debt.