1. Everyone, please do me a favor.
  2. When List App goes public, please do NOT follow Meghan Trainor.
  3. I'll follow her, and she'll think to herself, "Oh, how nice! A follower. Cool. This is off to a sterling start."
  4. And then no one else will follow her.
  5. And she'll think, "What's going on? What's going on with this app?"
  6. It will be an app-wide prank.
  7. She'll start to think, "Am I unsearchable? Is Adam Weinrib a robot profile? Is this like Tom from MySpace?"
  8. And she still won't have any followers.
  9. And then RIGHT as she's thinking about giving up (we'll sense when that is), EVERYONE follow her!
  10. A rush of followers to Ms. Trainor.
  11. She'll be overjoyed! And she'll laugh, and she'll laugh, and it'll be a successful prank that we can all use to look back on the early days with vigor.
  12. #AdamPranksMeghan
  13. Thank you.