1. It was actually pretty cool.
  2. They came to my house and gave me the cage full of lottery balls.
  3. They said they left the giant check at their place, but gave me a smaller one.
  4. I said, "how do I know you guys are really the lottery?"
  5. They said, "does *this* answer your question?" and they gave me a crisp $10 bill
  6. "Could this day get any better?!" I squealed on live TV
  7. "Sure can," said Mick Lottery, as he gave me a $5 and a quarter
  8. Everyone on my street was booing.
  9. When he gave me the extra quarter another hundred booers came out of nowhere.
  10. But boo all night, I'll sleep soundly.
  11. I'm the money guy you wanna be.