Oh, cool, the reason I got into comedy is here! All of these impressions are preserved on unlabeled audio tapes in my parents' basement.
  1. Regis Philbin
    Every night during "Millionaire" I would repeat after Regis to try to get the cadence. Annoying for parents.
  2. Howard Stern
    Did I know anything about Howard Stern? No. I knew he was gross? But I learned how to say, "Ooh, you know what I'd do to you? Look at your breasts."
  3. The Cure
    No child should have this in their repertoire.
  4. Chris Rock
    No one should listen to these tapes.
  5. Pat O'Brien
    It helped that due to seasonal allergies I truly did not breathe through my nose, ever. @mandy can attest.
  6. Adam Sandler
    Whenever I got anywhere near a boat.
  7. Welcome, @JimmyFallon!!