1. If you're a child of the '90s, Ken Griffey Jr. is the reason you fell in love with baseball.
  2. His swing launched 630 balls rocketing into the upper deck in right, and 250 balls directly up into the cold air and the branches of the tree that hung above my head in my backyard.
  3. His smile is the only one that can thaw baseball writers. It makes them acknowledge that they cover a game and not a war. And then it's right back to grumbling.
  4. Ken Griffey Jr. IS the sport I'm betrothed to and today he will be rightfully honored.
  5. He might go in unanimously. He won't, because people are rude. But he MIGHT.
  6. Living in the baseball blogosphere, where steroid use is akin to stealing nuclear codes, it can be quite depressing to have your childhood devalued by grumps.
  7. Ken Griffey Jr. devalues grumps.
  8. There was nothing worse than fat, old 2009 Ken. There was nothing better than lithe, leaping peak Ken.
  9. Thanks to the Hall of Fame, peak Ken is about to live forever.
  10. Thanks, Junior.
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  11. Thanks for being the reason I rock your teal brim in this manner on this day. Amen.
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