1. Work for a High School newspaper?
  2. Learn stick?
  3. Learn to operate a forklift?
  4. Oversleep a big test?
  5. Learn to swim, but like, the right way?
  6. Meet a girl at summer camp?
  7. Get so good at cooking one thing that I call it my "specialty"?
  8. Cry at a zoo?
  9. Retire after a solid career in Major League Baseball?
  10. Accidentally break open a glow stick on my body and feel fine about it?
  11. Get frosted tips?
  12. Tell everyone they should get frosted tips?
  13. Take a bunch of 5th grade pictures where me and all my friends have frosted tips?
  14. Campaign for Ralph Nader?
  15. Win the Heisman Trophy?
    Suggested by @gabe