Wow! It was revealed today those suckers have a secret menu. Way cool and way progressive!
  1. Triple McChiclets
  2. Worcester Sauce-Wich
  3. Chipotle Burrito
  4. Happy Mille (1,000 Happy Meals for Lil French Boys)
  5. McDonald's Embroidered Kerchief/Brooch
  6. Video Tape Of Veggie Burger Being Fed To Effeminate Man Who Dies And Screams That Veggie Burgers Are For Wusses
  7. Nine Inch Nails Salad
  8. Yo Yo Burger (Burger With String)
  9. If you ask for the McFlurry machine twice they have to mail it to you
  10. Unmarked McWet Bag
  11. Tandoori Grimace
  12. Apple Slices (*a hard hat filled with rock candy)
  13. Denver Omelette, Ronald Style (cooked with hash oil)
  14. Secret Sauce Bag
  15. Very Public Sauce Bag
  16. Danger Wad