1. Many of us were gobsmacked by Bowie
  2. Or Prince
  3. The inspirational figures who shaped the way we treated the world
  4. I had Jose Fernandez
  5. 24 years old
  6. We say "full of life" after someone dies and it sounds almost mocking
  7. His life overflowed from his veins
  8. 100 mph fastball
  9. Unhittable curve
  10. Landed in Miami, the exact right city, the city that needed a man like Jose Fernandez in the public eye
  11. Remember when we thought Tommy John Surgery would be the worst tragedy to befall him?
  12. Escaped from Cuba just to hit our shores, just to get a one in a million shot at baseball stardom
  13. During the voyage, his mother was swept out to sea in the middle of the night.
  14. Fernandez hopped off the boat—not even knowing who'd fallen off—and swam into the abyss
  15. He carried her body back to the boat on his pitching arm.
  16. He was a high schooler.
  17. That arm, that abject piece of lightning, we'll never see again
  18. That smile, that charm, that fucking story deserved more than 24 years on this earth.
  19. God bless you, Jose.
  20. Pure human electricity.
  21. Static