I love them all! How can I make this list?! Just kidding, at least half of them are the worst.
  1. Kei Igawa
    How can I start anywhere else? The Yankees' response to Dice-K was signing some spindly guy he may have met once. He threw no appealing pitches. The Yankees paid him to live in Trenton. Uncomfortable to think about him.
  2. Kevin Brown
  3. Carl Pavano!
    Suggested by @gabe
  4. Javier Vazquez
    ...I mean...
  5. Jeff Weaver
    Somehow worse than Contreras, he was brought in to hold the Marlins in extra innings in a World Series game. It went not great!
  6. Kevin Youkilis
    Just such a misguided nonsense signing
  7. Sterling Hitchcock
    Not demonstratively worse than any of the other middle-reliever/spot starters of his era, but I genuinely super hated him as a kid, so he has to make my list.
  8. Kyle Farnsworth
    People sold "Anybody But Farnsworth" shirts on River Ave. That's ignominious.
  9. Jose Contreras
    I paid $80 for a signed Jose Contreras rookie card. I had $70 to my name.
  10. Andruw Jones/Jayson Nix/Eduardo Nunez
    None of these folks deserve their own spot on this list but Joe Girardi thinks they deserve more than 300 ABs
  11. Sergio Mitre
    Ahh, almost forgot about the Midnight Meat Tray! He was heinous.
  12. Pudge Rodriguez
    Honorable Mention to the Pudge Era, which was really sad