1. I guessed 9/11 correctly.
  2. That is to say, before the announcement came to my 6th grade class, I saw the Principal pull Taylor aside, bring him to the hallway, and put his arm around him.
  3. Taylor started sobbing, and I chillingly said, "Something happened to the Twin Towers."
  4. Taylor's dad managed Windows On The World, the restaurant at the top of the Towers. Lucky guess.
  5. In suburban New York, we didn't grasp it.
  6. I spent lunch laughing with my friends, and specifically laughing at a friend who insisted we were about to go to war. Awful children. But we didn't get his moroseness.
  7. But our social studies teacher lost her best friend, and spent a tearful week with us imploring us to keep her in our thoughts during the search.
  8. And then she spent a week off once they found her.
  9. Later that afternoon, I got it, when I got home and my mom hugged me and was just happy to have me.
  10. I was annoyed the night before, 9/10/01.
  11. I had Rich Person Box Seats to Yankees/Red Sox, right behind home plate, my first time. Spent all day bragging.
  12. Five minutes before first pitch, it got rained out. My dad assured me it wasn't the end of the world. That was literally the next day.
  13. The morning of the 11th, Taylor held his dad back and demanded he drive him to school. Taylor's dad never did this.
  14. He emerged from the subway to watch the Towers already in flames, five minutes late to work.
  15. He made it. Most didnt.
  16. Remarkable 14 years later to remember that any of this actually happened.
  17. But we have to. And we have to remember it with nuance. Not as a blank slate of terrible visions, but with the meaning it imbued on all of us, wherever we were.
  18. I'll never forget the World Series, and I'll never forget poor Reese Witherspoon on SNL.
  19. Lorne asking the Mayor, "Can we still be funny?"
  20. "Why start now?"