1. Eddie Sheers, wow. We are such big fans.
    They give a two-man standing ovation.
  2. Just got a couple notes, OK bud? Perfect song.
  3. So, you say, "People fall in love in mysterious ways." You mind naming those ways? It would really give the audience something to connect to.
  4. Then you say, "We found love right where we are." Wouldn't it be better if the main characters could go on a journey? Would be great if they could find love somewhere else. Maybe a magical realm? Or Cabo. Tits-out in Cabo.
  5. And you do repeat "Thinking out loud." Did everyone know this was a phrase? Because thinking is usually done quietly.
  6. Every time you sing "thinking out loud" would you mind adding, "It's a phrase, not for real"? That's good branding. That branding makes my toes curl.
  7. Sorry, I gotta take this: "B Bob Thornts! How the hell--no, I'm in a meeting with Eddie Sheers. Beep me, buddy!"
  8. Man, that was not Billy Bob Thornton. I don't know who that was.
  9. Hmm lets see, anything else. Oh, "Darling I will be loving you 'til we're 70". I'm really concerned you're going to totally lose our demo with that one. Maybe change it to "I love Tinder"? Something with "swipe".
  10. That's it from me. Dirk, anything?
  11. Oh, and get Jack Johnson to sing it. We love Jacky J.