1. Dancing in my underwear in front of my living room television set to "Graceland", 1994
  2. Actively sobbing and screaming for "Cherry Bomb" to be turned off, seconds later in 1994
  3. Sampling the Strokes' "Is This It?" at the Best Buy near the Cortlandt Town Center, then buying SNL's "Presidential Bash 2000" on VHS.
  4. Buying "Hey Ya", listening to it on repeat buried in my parents' bedroom, and realizing that I had a newfound desire to listen to every previous Outkast track, 2003.
  5. When I saw my friend Paris' mom nude by accident on a school trip to Tennessee and was serenaded in the hallway with a modified "Stacy's Mom", 2003.
  6. Coming back to my dorm after my first day of college, blasting "Paper Planes", and realizing I might actually have friends, 2008.
  7. Walking into a frat party on my 18th birthday as the opening strains of TI's "Live Your Life" played, extending my arms, and feeling like the definition of a king, 2008.
  8. Listening to Blink 182's "First Date" on repeat and sprinting through the streets of Providence to rev myself up to do a 5:45 AM sportscast, 2009.
  9. Listening to (Song Blocked From Memory; a song about coming out on top) on the way back from kissing a girl I'd loved since freshman year for the first time, 2011.
  10. Listening to "King of Anything" 4 times at 3:00 am when she broke it off a week later.