Ty for the very appropriate request @dustinboone !
  1. Book: The Glory Of Their Times, Lawrence Ritter
    Sure, I'm a baseball nerd, and I'm fascinated by the history of the game. But this book is pure storytelling, distilled tales of the game from legends and Hall of Famers from the teens and '20s. It hardly feels real, and it's all enthralling. Like your grandpa sitting you down on his knee but it's 30 separate wonderful grandpas.
  2. Movie: "The Jerk"
    It's the ultimate movie. It's, like, seven movies. It features the funniest opening line in cinema history.
  3. Album: "Is This It?", The Strokes
    The first album I ever listened to all the way through at a free Best Buy kiosk. It wasn't longer than a month before I had it memorized. And to think I only investigated because the Strokes were about to be Jack Black's musical guest!