You may have noticed Ed Sheeran singing a delightful tune, but did you catch THESE stars crashing Westeros?
  1. Nicole Richie as Theon's friend Caroline?
  2. Rob Kardashian as the Charred Remains of a Body?
  3. Carter Page doing double duty as twin dragons Andorp and Ron?
  4. Former NBA Player Baron Davis as the Woke Genie?
  5. Selena Gomez as Basically The Whole Vibe?
  6. Pod Save America's Jon Favreau as a Guy Who Really Beefed It On His Predictions About Who Would Capture The Iron Throne?
  7. Sia as Littlefinger?
  8. Dan Cortese as The Midnight Nymph?
  9. George R.R. Martin making a brief appearance in the Credits?
  10. Tove Lo as Ed Sheeran?
  11. Alan Dershowitz under the Arya Stark mask the entire time?