In honor of today being Saturday, a day of rest, I'll give the people what they want: not an attempt at highbrow content, but a simple photo list of me as a young man/boy being shitty, either on stage or otherwise. Ladies and gentlemen, it's a museum.
  1. Me as Turtle from "Entourage", Halloween 2009
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  2. Reenacting a 7th grade dance with my pal, 2010. She has untagged this photo on Facebook 6 times since its inception.
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  3. Alright! 2009.
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  4. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to a legendary photograph known only as "Fat Adam". My friends circulate this photo every month. You could call it viral. 2010.
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  5. Me playing Juliet
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  6. Reduced Shakespeare. Actually not being that shitty, only a lil' shitty.
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  7. Oh whoops, I woke up and I was already on stage in the middle of "West Side Story". 2008.
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  8. Just unadulterated shitty. 2007.
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  9. Vacationing with my class to France, 2008, being the absolute maximum amount of shitty!!
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  10. Technically just my voice and @IreneC in the plant suit!
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  11. This was my MySpace profile picture. The cursor played no song. Just dead silent on that MySpace. Crickets. No visitors.
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  12. I was good in "Grease", actually.
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  13. Everyone's favorite "Office" couple: Pam and Dwight!
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