Photos of Little Me Being Shitty

In honor of today being Saturday, a day of rest, I'll give the people what they want: not an attempt at highbrow content, but a simple photo list of me as a young man/boy being shitty, either on stage or otherwise. Ladies and gentlemen, it's a museum.
  1. Me as Turtle from "Entourage", Halloween 2009
  2. Reenacting a 7th grade dance with my pal, 2010. She has untagged this photo on Facebook 6 times since its inception.
  3. Alright! 2009.
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to a legendary photograph known only as "Fat Adam". My friends circulate this photo every month. You could call it viral. 2010.
  5. Me playing Juliet
  6. Reduced Shakespeare. Actually not being that shitty, only a lil' shitty.
  7. Oh whoops, I woke up and I was already on stage in the middle of "West Side Story". 2008.
  8. Just unadulterated shitty. 2007.
  9. Vacationing with my class to France, 2008, being the absolute maximum amount of shitty!!
  10. Technically just my voice and @IreneC in the plant suit!
  11. This was my MySpace profile picture. The cursor played no song. Just dead silent on that MySpace. Crickets. No visitors.
  12. I was good in "Grease", actually.
  13. Everyone's favorite "Office" couple: Pam and Dwight!